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B-day - Bar/Bat Mitzvah - Quinceanera Sculptures
Ice Fountains are great for any event and any sculpture can be turned into a fountain upon request.  These fountains can have punch, martini mix, or even Champaign running through them, it's up to you!  


              "Diamond on Pillow"               "Golf Bag"              "007 Gun Luge"         "Heart Fountain with Flowers"


            "Double Mask"              "Tennis Trophy"                 "Sheriff's Star"                  "Palmtree"               




            "Happy 60th"                   "A G 10th Luge"                           "2006"                   "Little Girl Reading Book"



"Jacklynne Engraved in a Heart"    "Little Golfer"     

"Panther Mascot with Team Picture"        "Tropical Party     



"40th Birthday"                      "AA Luge"        

"Camera Luge with Bartender"



           "D-12 Luge"               "Angelfish Fountain"   

"Golfer"                 "Flamingo"       



"Birthday Flower Basket"        "Single Angelfish"     

"Heart with Rose"                 "Single Swordfish"







"Basketball Martini Luge"       "Birthday Party Love

     "70th Jubilee"      "Volleyball Trophy with Team Picture"







"Martini Glass shaped Luge"     "Navy Logo Heart"

         "Interlocking Hearts"         "Double Dolphin Luge"  







"Wine Holder"              "Retirement Sculpture"

              "Harp"                   "DJ and music note"


             "Kissing Dolphins"                        "Pirate Fountain"                    "Zebra"                "Monogrammed Initials"


             "Mariachi Man"                  "Seafood Table"             

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