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Company Logos


    "Watermark Restaurant logo"- (carved, monogrammed, frozen inside)            "Herzog Wine Cellars"- (Carved, bottle inside 2 blocks)



    "Black Hawk Helicopter"                  "WWII fighter plane"            "Golf Trophy"          "Harley Davidson Motorcycle"           "Eiffel Tower"     


"Financial/CPO"-glittergram   "Don Julio/Sherwood CC"      "Star Wars, C3PO & R2D2"         "Treble Cliff"-luge                 "Berry Company"



"Atria Senior Living"-Monogram   "Red"- frozen inside        "Brooks 60th"-Monogram           "Ice"-glittergram     "Swing Vote"-frozen inside




"Casino themed logo"- monogram/luge     "Superman"                  "Conquistador"           "Crown"- colored/luge   "Women logo"-monogram




"1 1/2 Block monogram logo"   "2 block carved/monogram"      "2 block logo inside"       "2 1/2 block monogram"        "2 block monogram"




"Oklahoma State Pistol Pete" Orange/White                 "Retirement"- picture frozen       "Navy"- monogram              "DJeep" frozen inside



         "Ojai Valley In & Spa"                       "Sequoia logo"            "American Association of Neurological Surgeons"  "Liquor with Camera"



     "Vidoe Game logo"              "Logo monogram"               "Real-estate logo"                 "Centerpiece logo"                 "Fertilizer logo"





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