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Day 1
7,800 lbs of ice
-18 degrees F
  Here Dominique is working on cutting out 600 lbs of ice from this block.  With the block of ice standing 8 ft tall it is not an easy task cutting away chunks of ice.  Especially if your on top of the ice you are cutting!
Day 2
The ice is actually 8,400 lbs. this year!
-35 degrees F

  In these two pictures Dominique is using a new tool.  This tool is much like a pitch fork and shaves lbs off the ice in minutes.  However this tool can only be used on gigantic ice like this. This picture shows the layout of our site.  We have tables full of equipment (some of which we still have not used).  Today was so cold that is made the ice very brittle and right before dinner to pieces of the sculpture broke off.  So we are changing our design a little bit.
Day 3
-15 degrees F
  Here Dominique is putting some detail working in the inside part of the sculpture.  Using homemade ice sand paper, we can take off rough edges pretty quickly.  We do this in order to freeze our title in the ice.
  After we used the "sandpaper" we use an iron to make the ice really shinny so people can read our title through the ice. Here is our final sculpture before the glazing process. It is in the abstract sculpture division.  We have one butterfly that has 3 foot wings, several caterpillar, and chrysalides.  We are very happy with our final sculpture!

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